Annual Gas Furnace Maintenance

8 Signs Indicating You Might Need To Replace Your Boiler

Is your gas furnace ready to keep your home warm and cozy — THROUGHOUT THE FALL & WINTER SEASON? Donʼt be trapped under a pile of blankets this year! Ensure your home’s heating system is in tip-top shape by getting annual maintenance performed on your furnace unit.


Routine maintenance by a licensed, professional heating contractor will extend the life of your furnace and possibly prevent minor issues from turning into expensive or significant problems over time. While there is not an industry-wide standard checklist for gas furnace maintenance, the HVAC technician should at least examine the following critical furnace components during their annual maintenance visit:

  • Heat Exchanger: The heat exchanger is a critical part of your gas furnace. Your indoor air is circulated over the heat exchanger, warming it to be recirculated back to your conditioned indoor living areas. The gas technician should look for any indications of unusual wear or small cracks, which could lead to a potential carbon monoxide leak into your home.
  • Blower Motor: The blower motor is designed to control the amount of heated air pushed through the air ducts to the conditioned spaces of your home. Your technician should check the blower motor and blower wheel for excessive vibration, loose electrical components, and proper electrical current. They may also clean away dirt and debris that could inhibit adequate operation.
  • Inducer Motor: The inducer motor is designed to draw a gas furnaceʼs exhaust gases away from inside the heat exchanger, so itʼs important that it is in proper working condition. The technician may also inspect the flue vent for any obstructions that could restrict exhaust from escaping.
  • Burners: Proper ignition of the gas furnace burners is critical. The technician may clean and/or test the flame sensor for accurate operation.
  • Fault Code History: Certain gas furnace models retain an electronic fault code history within its control board. Theses codes may provide insight as to any incidents or malfunctions that may have occurred with the gas furnace.

Return Air Filter Check

The technician may also check the return air filter to see if it needs to be replaced. A new return air filter may minimize the accumulation of dirt and/or dust on the blower motor and other HVAC components.

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