Ensure Fireplace Longevity with an Annual Gas Fireplace Service

Ensure Fireplace Longevity with an Annual Gas Fireplace Service

One common denominator that transcends time is the notion that the heart of any home usually flows around the fireplace. For generations and through many cultures, fire has been used for cooking, heat, and gathering people together.

Fire has long been a way for people to connect and today is no different. Families gather around their hearth for holidays, celebrations, and Sunday dinner.

In Vancouver, most homes are equipped with fireplaces and many are powered by gas. Consequently, gas fireplaces bring years of enjoyment when properly maintained and that means an annual maintenance service that includes a full inspection and cleaning.

Why It’s Important to Service Your Gas Fireplace Annually

Image of a roaring fire signifying the central place fire has in many cultures.

A gas fireplace is beautiful and deceivingly easy to use, but it’s important to remember that it is a mechanical appliance powered by natural gas and needs to be maintained accordingly. Without this annual maintenance, your gas fireplace can experience problems up to and including dangerous, fire-related catastrophes.

To help you understand the various components of a well-designed maintenance service package, we have outlined the process to explain what’s important during the annual maintenance and why it’s critical to your fireplace’s safe operation.

Components of a Comprehensive Gas Fireplace Service

When it’s time to consider your annual fireplace service, select a company that offers a full and comprehensive annual service that includes a review of all of the working components and a thorough inspection of all leak-prone connections.

Using our extensive 360° service tune-up and maintenance program as a guide, let’s take a look at the components as well as the reason why they are important.

Specific Areas We Inspect

  • Test for safe levels of carbon monoxide (CO) emissions to ensure there are no dangerous fumes escaping your gas fireplace


  • Examine and test all gas connections and fittings so that no leakage is happening


  • Perform gas leak testing on all gas connections to ensure strong seals


  • Inspect and clean the firebox, front glass, and logs for signs of failure or need for replacement or repair


  • Inspect and recalibrate safety controls for thermostats and switches throughout the gas fireplace system


  • Measure all pressure levels for gas valves, connections, and fittings to maintain a proper flow of gas


  • Replace glowing embers and realistically reposition logs according to the client’s aesthetic


  • Inspect combustion chamber for any corrosion or cracks which require immediate repair or replacement


  • Clean, inspect, test, and adjust the burner and pilot assemblies ensuring problem-free operation and immediate lighting on demand


  • Inspect all fan and vacuum blowers and assemblies and adjust where necessary


  • Inspect and test all shut-off controls, as well as the on-off switch and all remote control(s)


  • Clean and adjust the system throughout to create the optimum experience for the customer

What We Are Looking For

Natural gas is an inexpensive fuel source that burns clean and efficiently powers homes, gas fireplaces, and gas ranges throughout the Vancouver area and all over Canada.  However, it can also be extremely dangerous if there is a leak or system failure in an enclosed area.

Luckily, it is easy to identify due to the added odour of rotten eggs.  Mandated in Canada since the 1930s, this odour is to alert people of a potentially catastrophic situation. With that said, an annual safety and maintenance service is the best way to ensure your gas fireplace is in solid working order.

Annual safety and maintenance service programs are designed to inspect, clean, and review every component and potential area for leakage and to ensure that it is in good working condition, sealed, and ready to provide you with hours of enjoyment.

What You Can Expect at Completion

Upon completion of the gas fireplace service, your technician has a complete overview of your equipment.  Accordingly, be sure they spend time to give you a detailed report including:

  • Summary of the Work Completed — A gas fireplace service should include a summary report listing all of the systems tested, cleaned, and recalibrated, CO emissions levels, and any other pertinent information that has been gathered.
  • Recommended Repairs or Upgrades — Should repair or upgrade opportunities exist, this should be communicated by the technician.  They should also share estimated costs for parts and labor to complete the job.
  • Questions Answered — Be sure you understand follow-up care and self-maintenance requirements.

In Summary

Whether you are in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, Maple Ridge, Surrey, or elsewhere in the greater Vancouver area, remember that an annual gas fireplace service is important. It should always include a comprehensive testing regime of all gas components. Always be sure to request a licensed, insured technician to ensure quality work.

Contact us for all of your gas fireplace service needs for the coming season.

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